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Yonghwa 30th Birthday Project

be with u

letter to soldier yong

fans 1 st ever photobook ~ be with u ~

Method 1

1) Download and color print the letter template on a white plain A4 paper. Then cut it half into two A5 size and out all white borders. (you can use either one or both)

2) Write your message on the back plain side of the paper

3) Follow the origami instruction to fold an uniform


4) Mail to me before June 10. Please DM me for the address. OR hand in to me directly on June 9 at MongKok. Please DM me for details.

Method 2

1) Write your message on a plain A5 white paper.


2) Scan your paper or take a clear a photo of it. (Please understand that blur or darken photo cannot be printed.)

3) Send it to before June 8. Please set the subject as "YH 30BD letter Event"

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Fan 1st ever photobook

~be with you

I believe Yonghwa will miss us sometimes. Thus, I would like to ask for your help to make a photo book together for Yonghwa, so he can see our smiles during the days in the army.

- Method -

The photobook is to share our memories with Yonghwa. Please send me your own photos that with either one of the elements listed below. Kindly e-mail me the photos with your name and country name at before June 5Email subject as "YH 30BD photobook"

- Requirement -



The words Yonghwa wrote to you


fansign event photo


fans group photo with your smiling face


concert photo that shows the interaction between YH & fans

Selca or group photo with Yonghwa

- Photo Standard -

Resolution should be higher than 2000 px

Photo should be own by you

Please don't add any special effect / emoji / words on the photo

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